Cat Fleas

Many different types of insects can call home to the fur on your feline friend, things like ticks, and fleas are the most common of insect that come up in your cat.

Fleas are one of the main problems that owners find in there cats, they can either get these from outside, or sometimes even in the house fleas can be found. Say for instance your allow your cat inside, and outside, the cat can contract the fleas from outside, bring them inside the house and now you have fleas in your house as well as on your cat. There are many different treatments for fleas as well ranging from flea baths, to vet treatments.

Many people just like to buy the household flea bath they can give to there pets because it is really inexpensive. The flea bath actually does work, and sometimes, if your pet is heavily infested by the fleas, you can even see the dead fleas falling off into the bath water. There are also other home treatments you can give to your pet, like different ointment treatments that you use and rub onto the body of your cat, and in a few days all of the fleas should be gone. There is also a method called the flea collar which is just a collar dosed with a medicine to repel to fleas from your pet.

There is also a ingestion method that you can get at either your local pet store, or maybe your local drug store, in which it is in a capsule form. This method usually works in one attempt, you just administer the pill to your animal, and the ingredients in the pill let out inside the pet, and kill the fleas off your pets coat. Many owners like this method because it really is quite simple, you don’t have to go through the bathing, and scrubbingof your cat with the flea bath, and holding the cat down making sure it doesn’t jump out of the bath. If after you have tried these different home methods the fleas still persist to stay on your cat, then you should call your local vet, and see what they recommend you should do.