Cat Hairballs

Hairballs while its something that many owners do not think about it is something that many cats will experience during their lifetime. Hairballs are often a common issue in those cats that have long hair.

While it is not something you want to deal with it happens and can be treated. They are also referred to as fur balls or trichibezoar. Often this issue will arise when the cat grooms themselves with her tongue and in return ingests hair. The hair will then form into a ball or mat inside of the digestive system which often leads to gastrointestinal problems. Especially if it ends up blocking the pathway for food. As time progresses it can also cause constipation in your cat.

The most common signs that you should watch for is regurgitation or vomiting. In most cases the hairballs will be brought up by the cat on their own. You will notice a dry cough or as though they have a dry throat.

To help prevent your cat from ever having this issue make sure to groom them frequently. If you think your cat may have a hairball you can help give them something such as Laxatone to help pass the hairball easier. There are pet foods that’s made specifically for cats who have recurring hairball issues.

Make sure to talk to your veterinarian about these issues.