How To Introduce A New Cat?

When you have had a cat for a few years or even a few months the two of you have a bond that is hard to break. You will find that they will become very loyal to you and will not want to go near most other people. The only problem with this is how hard it can be to introduce a new cat when you decide that you want another one.

If you really want to get a new cat we suggest that you get a kitten. Cats are very territorial and sometimes it can be much easier to bring a kitten rather then a full grown cat. Although it will still be a difficult process with the right steps we can make sure that they can live together peacefully. It just requires a lot of time and patience from you.

Isolate New Cats

When you bring home the new kitten you need to make sure that it is in a closed off room where the other cat cannot get to it. It should be a small area that will help the kitten to feel safe and to allow them to adjust to their new home. Make sure that you give them a litter box, food bowl, toys, and a scratching post.

During this isolation the cat will notice the new smell and though they cannot see the kitten they will know it is somewhere. They will get used to the smell during the week the kitten is kept hidden. Keep in mind that they will smell it on you and may be a little hesitant to come to you.

Stick To Routines

Your cat is used to a routine and anything that breaks it will cause a behavior change in them. When they first see the kitten they are going to growl, hiss, and may bat at it a few times. It may even be mad at you and ignore you for a little bit. That is why you need to isolate them for a week and let the both of them smell each other and get used to it. They will begin to feel less threatened when they see the routine is still the same but with a new resident.

Meeting Big Brother

After the separation is finished you will need to take the kitten out and introduce it to your cat. Do not force the cat to see him – but allow him to come in his time. He may bat at the kitten a few times – but hopefully will soon bond with it.